Supported Academics & Independent Living Skills
a Seattle Central College Program
If you have ASD, are a high school graduate (or soon will be), and have a desire to go to college at Seattle Central - the SAILS program was designed for you. It provides customized support designed to empower Seattle Central students with ASD to reach their highest potential in college and their career.

As a student with ASD including Asperger Syndrome you know you have the smarts to get into college. And, you may know that succeeding in a college environment presents unique challenges for students with ASD. With your motivation and the right support (in areas including time management, organizational skills, academic support, and more) you will succeed in college and be ready for a successful career that makes the most of your talents and abilities.

SAILS Program at Seattle Central for Freshmen with ASD

Seattle Central College's SAILS program provides customized support that will help you succeed in college. The College 101 Course is the perfect way to give yourself a powerful head start on your freshman year at Seattle Central. Learn more.

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Curriculum Highlights

Earn 3 transferable college credits
Become familiar with student life at Seattle Central
Explore Capitol Hill "hot spots"
Identify personal learning strategies and study skills
Increase self-advocacy skills
Improve time management and organization skills
Explore your job interests

Program Highlights

Small class size and cohort for fall
Personalized student support services during the school year
Individual student meetings on course completion to create a recommended plan for academic support in college
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Learn more about SAILS, apply now, or contact us today for more information on how you can attend college in the hippest area of Seattle, Capitol Hill, at Seattle Central College. We're looking forward to meeting you and helping you make your college and career dreams come true.