The SAILS team is passionate about helping high school graduates with ASD to be successful in college and make the most of their abilities in a career. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping job seekers with differing abilities to succeed in a job. We are thrilled to work with first and second year college students at Seattle Central to select and succeed in courses that will help them get a job that makes the most of their abilities.

Rebecca Jansson, C.R.P. Program Associate Director of Mainstay and SAILS

  • (206) 890-0140

Rebecca will be taking over as Interim Director of Mainstay and SAILS in July 2019. After working directly under the tutelage of Alison McCormick for 23 years, Rebecca is poised and ready to take on the exciting role of supporting students with ASD and neurodiversity at Seattle Central College. Rebecca believes in the whole person approach to education, making sure students feel confident and safe in their learning environment. Rebecca and Anja will work closely with students and their educational team to support, listen and encourage success. Rebecca has a Masters in Health Science from the University of Florida, and is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

Anja Post, SAILS Support Specialist

  • (206) 890-8716

Anja took over Weston Brewer’s rolejob at SAILS when Weston left in February, 2019.  She is excited about this new opportunity and eager to put her right foot forward. Anja is ready to guide our students through their college experience by providing the necessary support and advocacy needed. Anja has been involved with the disability community throughout her professional career. Anja joined Mainstay in 1992 as an Employment Specialist, and over the years has successfully placed hundreds of individuals into competitive jobs.

Sarah Dundas, Academic Coach

  • (206) 934-3813

Sarah joined SAILS in 2017 providing outstanding tutoring services. She understands the needs of students with ASD and other learning differences. Sarah finds working with students an exciting challenge. Sarah is a student herself, currently enrolled at Seattle Pacific University with a focus on International Business.

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